Wishhhlist pages are the backbone of wishhh.com. As you can see from the picture below, this page shows, each member's wishhhes, when the wishhh was added and whether the wishhh has been granted or reserved by another member. From this page members can reserve or grant another member's wishhhes. Members can also suggest wishhhes and 'Don't Wants' for other members.


  1. Groups & Members Column: Your groups and group members are displayed down the left column of every page on wishhh.com. Clicking on a member's name brings up their wishhhhlist. Clicking on your name brings up your 'My wishhhes' page.
  2. Picture & Member Details: Members may include as much or as little member information as you wishhh. Gift shipping details are included on the top of each wishhhlist page.
  3. Member Wishhhes Sorted by Priority: When member's make their wishhhes, they indicate whether they want the particular wishhh "the most", "a lot", it "would be nice" or "if all else fails". Wishhhes are sorted on the wishhhlist page by these specified preferences.
  4. Wishhh Rows:
    • Name & Link: If a member includes an optional URL when making a wishh, the wishhh name is automatically linked to the spedified place on the Internet.
    • Description: A brief description provides more information about the wishhh. These descriptions are also included on the printable shopping list.
    • Added on: The date the wishhh was added gives othesr a sense of how current or stale the wishhh is.
    • 'Stop Light' Status Icons: Green, yellow and red 'stop light' icons indicate that the wishhh is available for granting, reserved, or already granted by other members respectively.
    • Action Buttons Column:

      The and buttons allow members to grant wishhhes or reserve them. Reserved wishhhes are added to the reserving members shopping list.

      The or buttons appear, as applicable, beside an iterm if you had previously reserved or granted the wishhh.

      If someone else had previously granted or reserved the wishhh, this column will display the grant/reserve status and the date it was granted or reserved.

      If a reserved wishhh has not been subsequently granted within 7 days, it will revert back to an unreserved status.

      One-time wishhhes are automatically removed from the user's wishhhlist (and added to their 'previously granted wishhhes' section towards the bottom of the wishhhlist page) 90 days after a wishhhh is granted. If the wishhh is set to be a repeating wishhh (eg: a gift card and other consumable wishhhes), granted wishhhes will auromatically reappear again as ungranted 90 days after the previous grant.
    • The "I want" button: Clicking on the ubiquitous button will instantly add that wishhh to your own wishhhlist. The button appears all over wishhh.com to make it easy for you to add wishhhes.
  5. Don't Want's: Members can also add "Don't Wants" (not shown above) that appear below their sorted wishhhes. Don't wants are items that members specifically want their family and friends to know they don't want - for example items they already have, or items they just don't want!!
  6. Suggestion Buttons: Members can suggest wishhhes and 'Don't Wants' for other members. The blue "suggest a wishhh" and black "suggest a 'Don't Want' buttons appear on the top right of other member's wishhhlist pages.

    These buttons work very much like the 'make a wishhh' and add a 'Don't Want' buttons that appear on your 'my wishhhes' page. Suggestions made by clicking on these buttons appear below member-specified wishhhes and 'Don't Wants' on each member wishhhlist page.